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I’m stuck in this strange bubble of trying to work out if I’m actually a writer, or simply someone with a vague delusion of being one. Sure I can string a few sentences together, form a vague plot and a tenuous ending might come out of it. But does it actual constitute some form of talent?

I suppose I’m looking for some sort of validation in my work. I would never be so boldly arrogant as to presume that I am amazing at what I do. I have enough confidence to know that it is better than some of the trash I was vomiting up 13 years ago when I had It in my head I wanted to write stories. But will it be enough for a total stranger to pick up my story and leave that all important five stars to say they loved it because it is something that they genuinely enjoyed reading it. I feel it will be the push I need to go for it 150%. So for the very first time ever I’m going to put my two recently completed short stories onto Amazon as free samplers of my work. (Cue the tumbleweed making it’s entrance into the frame before traversing un-majestically across the internet and exiting stage left.)

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13 Rules of Grammar

  1. Always make sure that your spelling is corect.
  2. Don’t write no double negatives
  3. Always make sure your verbs have matched your subjects.
  4. Avoid hard to read sentences that go on forever with no punctuation and turn the reader off by just looking at them because you forgot the basic idea that a sentence is there to express something and contains both subject and predicate in various combinations.
  5. Comma’s, should be in the right places.
  6. A preposition isn’t a good way to end a sentence with.
  7. Remember to really never split infinitives.
  8. When typing away on your computer, dangling participles must be avoided.
  9. Apostrophe’s should be in their correct place’s.
  10. Proof read your work to make sure that you do not words out.
  11. Avoid cliches like the plague.
  12. Make sure singular pronoun agree with their antecedents.
  13. Join clauses good,, like a conjunction should.

Adapted from the Collins Complete Writing Guide.

Children & Books

From an early age I have actively encouraged by son to pick up one of those strange usually oblong shaped objects made of paper, take the effort to open it and pay attention to the words that do not contain any hashtags, URLs or hyperlinks.

I watch children walk down the street with their headphones on, staring at whatever engrossing new app is taking over the world. It makes me feel sad as it imparts no knowledge, or serves any purpose other than to waste peoples time.

Near our little village there is a picturesque little market town that contains almost everything you would need to get by with, including a little bookshop selling second hand books. It is ran by a Sweet Old Lady that sits behind an old school desk and always greets every customer with a smile. (The exact opposite of Bernard Black).

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Today, I have Been Mostly Reading! #3

In part 3 of the “Mostly Reading” series, I am going to take you through what I have been reading recently.

I’m going to jump right in with;

warlockWarlock Holmes – A Study in Brimstone by GS Denning

Doing a double take on the title of this book caused me to immediately fall in love with it. I was not intending on buying any books on that day but I was in a book shop, and anytime I am in a book shop I am going to buy something, because why wouldn’t I?

It is no secret that I love all the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and I have been exploring the expanded universe of late with mixed success.

This book stars Warlock Holmes, the Incompetent Detective, Vladislav Lestrade the Nihilistic Vampire, Torg Grogsson the House proud Ogre and finally John Watson…. Terrified.

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Today, I have Been Mostly Reading! #2

I’m going to preface this entry by referring to an author that has become close to my heart ever since he died. I find it rather strange that in my youth I totally missed out on his entire body of work, and I cannot fathom out why. I constantly had my head buried into a sci-fi or fantasy book, so why in the hell did I only start reading his books after his untimely and sad death. I am of course referring to the late great…

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